The pop -up roof raises the vehicle by approx. 6-7 cm . On the sides of the tent bellows there are 2 mosquito nets with blackout that can be opened and in the front a film window with blackout. The roof color is white, but can be painted in the vehicle. Meet the ID.3 owners: Simon. Roof trim as molded headliner in rear load/passenger compartment: $990 Super high roof in candy white: $3,490 Security mesh for windows in rear barn doors: $290 Roof rack with two movable bars inside the load compartment: $490 Standard Paint: $0 Preparation for roof rails: $0 Standard Paint: $0 Roof rails for roof rack : $490. Our roof windows can give your pitched roof a new lease of life. We stock and supply a wide range of top-hung and centre-pivot windows from some of the UK’s leading brands, including Dakea, Liteleader, Velux and Aurora. They are suitable for installation into roof pitches between 15° and 55°. Installations of between 55° and 75° can also. Camper Van Roof Windows Camper Van Side Windows Viewing Products 1 to 40 of 95. Change Products per page: Mercedes Sprinter OEM Sliding Windows $ 2,800.00 CRL FW297R Ford Transit Extended Rear Vented Window (Passenger Side) $ 819.00 CRL FW293L Ford Transit Vented Window (Driver Side) $ 819.00 CRL FW293R Ford Transit T-Vent Window (Passenger Side).

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